What Can This Site Do?

Watch / Monitor a web page's changes, send you a email alert, or phone call alert (Work in Progress).
See also About page.

Why should I choose your service, not choose A,B,C...?

Open Source, affordable, and we use modern techniques like Headless Chromium, so you can monitor any URL you want, on the cloud, or on your local computer.
See also About page.

What Is A Cron Syntax / Cron Pattern ?

Cron Pattern example: 0 20 9,18 * * * (contains: number, comma, *, space)
From left to right: seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and weeks, so the meaning is: execute every day, on 9:20:00, 18:20:00 (i.e. twice a day).
In general, write * for week, month and day, 0 for seconds, and just modify the hours and minutes.
More examples:

  • Execute at 13:30:40 and 20:30:40 every day: 40 30 13,20 * * * ( 2 times a day, about 60 times a month, completely free of charge)
  • Execute at 8:00:00, 13:00:00 and 21:00:00 every day:0 0 8,13,21 * * * ( 3 times a day, about 90 times a month)
  • Execute at every hour's 10 minutes and 0 seconds, 45 minutes and 0 seconds. 0 10,45 * * * * (2 times a hour, 48 times per day, about 1440 times per month)

We used node-cron inside to parse cron patterns / syntax, go to  https://github.com/kelektiv/node-cron/blob/master/README.md#available-cron-patterns  for some clues. (// Add more explanations here)

Also, we do not support / showing in cron syntax, because we run tasks in distributed / decentralized global servers, it is hard to sync all of their times, so please DO NOT use syntax like * * */4 * * *(execute every 4 hours),
however, you CAN point out exact numbers seperated with a comma, , like* * 0,4,8,12,16,20 * * *(execute on every day's 0,4,6,8,12,16 and 20 o'clock.) , that syntax / pattern works also every 4 hours in fact, it is better for our global servers to arrange our tasks.

What Is CSS selector ?

CSS selector is a CSS style selector, it is a string that describes a group of HTML elements.
You can use it to select a group of HTML elements.
A tutorial located at here.

What Is a Eraser Script ?

As there are many advertisements and elements you do not care about, One eraser script provides a way to remove no-use DOM elements and results.
There are two types of eraser scripts:
One is called DOM eraser, it will remove DOM elements by css selectors inside the puppeteer chromium browser.
One is called Result eraser, it will replace string by RegExp after the puppeteer chromium got the page’s content.
DO NOT DELETE the element you want to keep, and make sure the CSS selector field (when create task) not conflict with eraser script!!!

The whole flow basically is: puppeteer chromium open a page, DOM eraser erase no-use elements, got text contents,Result eraser replace no-use strings by RegExp, and finally save the text contents for later compares.

What Is Script Market ?

As there are trillions of websites, and us (the creators of this service) cannot pre-define all Eraser Scripts,
So, we provide a space to store Eraser Scripts defined by yourself, and search / use other user defined helpful scripts.

What Is A Coupon Code?

Global users can charge points in a indirect way, for now.
You can use a coupon code to redeem more points.
See details on our Redeem Page

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